BeatYourAssnywear | About BYA
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BYA Clothing is a spin off from a site called that featured MMA KO?s, X Game Fails and so on. Think of it as Ridiculousness but umm in 2004 we were a bit more raw. We constantly heard people suggest creating a tee to promote the site further? thus BYA Clothing. We stopped Beat Your who knows we may bring some of the old clips here. BYA consists of 2 individuals Gomay from Detroit who has a eye for art and technology, and Santana who?s an artist as well as fashion guru. Santana hails on the west coast currently and GoMay is settled in the midwest therefore the imagery may be ok in some areas and not accepted elsewhere??who cares if they don?t like them? ? Santana. BYA has spin-off charity functions such as Breast Cancer Awareness donations, and a technological initiative for inner city kids called The BERDS.. ?The coolest thing about BYA is that we do not have a target demographic young/old all races and genders we?re universal like ass beatings everyone can get one? ? GoMay